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Our Vision

Some Important Facts

Some Important Facts

 The Heart of Georgia DDM homes provides a holistic, family-oriented Christian setting that serves adults with developmental disabilities. This organization provides the opportunity for these individuals to reach their highest level of independence. 


Some Important Facts

Some Important Facts

Some Important Facts

 A DDM home is a long-term care facility, and placement within the home is the responsibility of the Heart of Georgia DDM.

We currently have six happy residents and nine very dedicated staff members.

Volunteers are an important part of this ministry. Contact the DDM leadership team to find out how you can help!

The ownership, maintenance, operation, and staffing is the responsibility of the Heart of Georgia Developmental Disabilities Ministries, Inc. 


Our Goals

Some Important Facts

Our Goals

To educate the community about the need for these homes

To develop a positive public attitude and long-term community support

To develop funds for the construction and furnishings for two homes and the long-term operation of these homes 

the heart of what we do...


 The purpose of the Heart of Georgia Developmental Disabilities Ministries (DDM), Inc., is to provide men and women with developmental disabilities the highest possible level of independent living according to individual ability.

For many, the potential is best reached when they are a part of the everyday life of a community, receiving training and support in a residence under the care of dedicated leaders.

DDM homes, in a Christian family setting, provide individualized assistance for residents to develop their self-help skills.

Training for residents covers many areas: personal care, communications, budgeting, banking, shopping, laundry, planning and preparing meals, housekeeping, social and recreational activities, and the opportunity to worship at a local church.

Residents receive day services at local centers for people with developmental disabilities or hold regular competitive employment, working and earning wages. 


Send us your name, number and email and we will reach out to you for volunteer opportunities!

We are always accepting new volunteers!